The Movement

Together, we can make change happen

The world is a place full of excitement and hope, but it also has its fair share of problems.

The challenge is making a difference where there is so much hate, resistance to change and divisive and polarised self-interest.

The Movement for Inclusivity

The Inclusivity Project uses the power of collective action.

Our movement offers a solution by amplifying the diverse voices and actions of individuals who strive for positive change. We create an environment that connects and weaves together the various threads of social action taken by many people.

When changemakers establish connections between their work and similar efforts by others, their messages resonate and echo more strongly, reaching a larger audience. As the number and impact of these messages increase, leaders in society cannot help but take notice.


By collaborating and changing the way people perceive the world, highlighting injustices and poverty where they exist, we can work together to make the world a better place to live. Through our collective efforts, we achieve our common objectives and bring about positive transformations.

Defining Principles

The Inclusivity Project was created to make positive changes in how we do things, so that everyone can have a good and lasting life. Instead of only focusing on money as a measure of success, we want to pay more attention to people's experiences. 

New ideas about economics show that when we make society fair, inclusive, and kind, everyone does better.


The Inclusivity Project is defined by a set of aspirations for society, that:


Our goal is to create a world where everyone is treated fairly, included, and shown kindness.

In this way, we can improve the lives of everyone and make the future brighter for all.

Our goals are to:​


Our goals are to:​