How to Start Your Own Project

Together, we can make change happen

There are three simple steps to start your own project. 

Define your Vision

Define your vision by articulating the changes you want to see and creating your plan of action. If you are working on existing projects, this step may already have been accomplished.

Link your Project

Connect your project with the inclusivity project framework. Identify which sphere of the framework it relates to the most. The framework has four main spheres, each one focusing on a different aspect of inclusivity.

Identify the specific sphere(s) that your project aligns with. This creates a connection between your work and what others are doing. The connection makes both project stronger and more impactful.

This step is what defines social action as an Inclusivity Project.

Publicise your Connection

Download your project’s badge from the Spheres page. Use the badge when you publicise your project. Where appropriate, clearly describe the connection between your work and the sphere.

This approach is what creates visibility and reinforces the message of inclusivity in your project.