How to Reshape Society

Together, we can make change happen

The Inclusivity Project seeks to achieve social change by coordinating otherwise unconnected projects within a common framework.

The four spheres of activity described below establish this common framework. 

Each of our messages is amplified if we can connect them with similar messages from thousands of people around the world. Each of the spheres below is represented by a badge which you can download and attach to your project. 

Sphere 1:  The Wellbeing Objective

Wellbeing is what counts

The current focus of economic success is measured in terms of money. This is what the GDP is. It does not measure how well the money is spent or how fairly it is distributed. If we change our direction of travel, we are much more likely to achieve change. When we switch our measure of success in terms of human experience, we develop society in ways that focus on improving collective wellbeing. This is what matters most. So let's push for that change. Let's spread the word.

Sphere 2: Togetherness

Togetherness builds power

Coordinating our efforts gives us power to do things that we could not do any other way. This is essentially the Fallen Tree analogy where 100 people can only push aside a tree fallen across the road by pushing in the same direction at the same time. The more of its members that society engages in this process, the more power society generates to improve our collective wellbeing. 

So let's address the racism, homophobia, toxic masculinity and the countless other barriers to full inclusion within society that undermine or prevent people from engaging fully with our common goals.

Sphere 3: Influencing Policy

Policies shape wellbeing

When we know how to create well-being, we can show how political, economic, and business practices affect people's well-being. By making people aware of harmful and divisive policies, we can push for change to make things better.

So, let's learn how well-being happens and use that knowledge to influence the decisions of our leaders. If we have the power to point out problems and unfairness in social policies, let's go ahead and do it.

Sphere 4: Nurturing Humanity

Building wellbeing with compassion

The wellbeing we experience is heavily influenced by our actions and interactions with others. Innate social skills like trust, compassion, and joy play a crucial role in forming personal and professional relationships, which in turn impact our overall well-being.

By embracing and promoting our shared humanity, we develop greater honesty and kindness individually and greater social cohesion collectively. These are the foundations that underpin wellbeing. So let’s together build a more compassionate society.