Economic Models

  • Designs for a Better World
    Nigel Cohen: A platform and proposals for new societal focus, where society’s objective is human prosperity.

  • Doughnut Economics
    Kate Raworth: A single model that combines a focus on both human prosperity and environmental sustainability.

  • Sustainability
    Nigel Cohen: An overarching framework for consistency in measuring different aspects of human-related sustainability.

Economic Narratives

Economic Theory

  • Animating Vision
    Blogs by Nigel Cohen on practical aspects of wellbeing-based economics

  • Cultural Dynamics
    An introduction to the cultural model of Spiral Dynamics, and its role in shaping economic policy


  • Prosperity
    A definition of prosperity, as the basis for understanding and assessing economic policy designed to deliver prosperity


  • Quality Years
    A measure of the output of society in 2017 expressed in terms of human experience