Economic Narrative

Wellbeing Economic Narrative

This page offers a new narrative that supports cultural awareness and acceptance of a wellbeing economy.


Some of its highlights:

An Open Source Framework for a Wellbeing Society

The open-source framework is a resource for anyone working on any part of the wellbeing narrative. It sets out the key narratives required for a successful wellbeing society/economy and provides an explanation of the role each component of the framework plays in painting the overall picture.

It is a project open to anyone who wants to contribute to the framework to consolidate their work/ideas with others. Contributors must demonstrate the relevance of their proposals to the success of a wellbeing economy/society.

Morally-explicit Art

The wellbeing narrative is diverse and needs to be expressed in the style and language of its audience. We tell millions of different stories to a vast array of people who have a vast array of unique interests and fears. We tell stories in literature, poetry, art, music, dance and in many different ways. The challenge we have is how to tie disparate messages together to create a single, powerful movement towards positive change.

 Morally-explicit art is an artistic method that explicitly links art with its social message. The messaging does not interfere with the art, and it does not limit or manipulate the viewer. Rather, it seeks to raise consciousness around the universal values that underpin the social cohesion that flourishes within a Wellbeing society. The Morally-explicit Art website explains the concepts and offers a suite of tools for artists to incorporate their messaging in a consistent way to allow diverse creative minds to connect, echo and amplify the positive messages for change.